Office Real Estate Market!

On comparing the office space transactions in 2014 and 2015, the average transacted office size leases across Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai have increased greatly when compared to the uncertain times seen in the first quarter of 2014. Ashutosh Limaye, the national director at commercial real estate Agency in India said that, the market spirit was really low in the first quarter of 2014, but after the general elections in May 2014, the market sentiment started improving gradually, taking the example of Mumbai which witnessed 65% rise in average deal sizes between Q2 2014 and Q2 2015.
Good time for commercial real estate
Limaye said that, the good days for commercial real estate are returning, and the number of transactions is increasing in all the major cities. Pune is leading with an impressive 89% year-on-year growth in the transacted space per deal, followed by Bengaluru (78%) and Chennai (67%).
He also said that, occupiers are not just leasing the larger office spaces, but are also expecting the space to be on the same floor, because of which the developers are constructing bigger floor plates.
This being the condition of commercial real estate, the residential developers like Ansal Plaza Vaishali are under high pressure and are owing to slow-moving sales and cash flow issues in the same cities. So, in order to keep the residential prices in a favourable range, the developers are building smaller apartments instead of lowering the price across major cities.
In 2015, apart from marketing tactics like on-spot discounts and flexible payment schemes, it's been noticed that size of apartments is falling across the major cities in India. Mumbai stands first in the list of cities that witnessed largest fall in apartment sizes (5%), followed by Bengaluru, Chennai and Pune with 4%, 4% and 1% respectively.
According to commercial real estate agency in India, the fall of apartment sizes in Mumbai from 2010 to present has been 26%. And for the same period, Bengaluru registered a fall of about 23.7%, followed by Chennai (22.7%) and Pune (7%). Average unit sizes in Chennai and Pune have been the lowest among all the four cities.
While the configuration remains the same (2 BHK), the developers have reduced the size and have made it more compact. The possible reason for developers reducing the size of apartments might be to better suit the lower spending power of buyers. Also, the urban buyers these days are willing to live in smaller sized homes that are near to their offices. They prefer to live in a compact house that is equipped with all the basic amenities instead of spending hours of time in traveling.

The developers can think of changing the apartment sizes prior to the completion of foundation without any hassles, as price correction is market-driven. This can definitely be a good move for developers, as they will be able to reduce the price and keep the configuration unchanged.

Delhi Smart City - Challenges & Solutions

India is the second highly populated country after China in the world. An increase in population causes various challenges in front of authorities to deal with. As we all know that, India is a country of village's and rural areas. But, now people are moving from rural parts of the country to urbanised areas. People today look for better educational, social, financial and healthcare facilities which can assist them in living a better life.

Urban areas, cities and towns are often said to be far more developed in comparison to villages. But, truth is something else. True story of urbanized area lies in meeting challenges in order to provide various facilities needed for living.

Challenges of Urbanization are housing, education, social and financial requirements of people.
Housing Cities are the driving force of every country and India is not different in this case. Currently, 31 per cent of the Indian population is living in urban areas and is contributing 63 per cent in India's GDP growth. People are frequently switching to urban areas which have increased housing needs by 40 per cent. The increasing population in urban areas will contribute 75 per cent in country's GDP by 2030.

Criminal Cases Besides, housing people need various other facilities for living. Cities are dealing with problems such as crime, weak law and order situation and unsafe atmosphere for women, kids and senior citizens. Local bodies need to address these issues as people want safe and secure area to live in. Criminal cases like murder, loot, threatening and kidnapping has put people's life in danger. The authorities need to take directive measures to stop these unsocial elements from harming people.

Education Illiteracy is the challenge country is facing from years. Our constitution has provided right to education for all. Even then, kids specially the girls are stopped from getting the basic education. Now is the time to understand that you are powerless if you don't know how to read and write. Illiteracy has become a major barrier in the development of people. Due to lack of educational qualification people are unaware of their rights. And people often misuse them. In Delhi, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) is going to construct number of quality schools and colleges where students from all sections of the society can get quality education.

Social Development Until now, we have seen people being discriminated on the basis of caste, creed and religion. But, now people have understood that no person is bad or good only because of their basic characteristics. A person is judged from his/her abilities and society is happy as far as the person is not doing anything which is harmful to people. Even then numerous cases of unhealthy behaviour are being reported which has raised eyebrow of the concerned authority. This problem needs to be address from making Delhi a smart city in true sense.

Financial Upgradation People will be highly paid only if they are properly educated. People move to cities in search of better career options but have to deal with crisis of employment. This problem has inspired the Government to collaborate with various companies to introduce set up in Delhi. It will help in solving the problem of unemployment and will upgrade people financially.

We have been hearing the term Smart City. But, nobody knows what a Smart city is? There is no exact definition to describe a Smart City. So, we have tried to explain you What a Smart City Is all about.

Smart City means a cluster of various facilities to different people. The concept of Smart City, changes from place to place, people to people and city to city. It all depends upon how much the city is developed and how much developmental work needs to be done to offer flawless living environment to the citizens. What is most important for building a Smart City is the willingness to change, reform, resources and dreams of the residents.

The purpose of developing Smart Cities is to improve economic growth and living quality of people. This can be done by enabling local area development and latest technological support. Under the Smart City project, area-based development will change the current areas which include slums into a better living society to improve livability of the entire City. New areas better known as extensions are going to be developed around cities to accommodate the rapidly growing population in urban areas.

The capital city Delhi is categorized into zones like L, N, K1, K2, P1 and P2 respectively. All zones will be developed under the monitoring system.

Any builder or land developer design the layout of the township alongwith the facilities which are going to be provided inside the project. A smart city is full of updated infrastructural amenities to ensure smooth connectivity, business and educational opportunities and well maintained social atmosphere for living. In the row, to provide all these facilities, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has joined hands with citizens, urban planners and architects to design a consolidated eco-system, which will represent comprehensive development that includes institutional, physical, social and economic infrastructure. The areas can be developed in a smarter way with adding a layer of digitised system.

Delhi Smart Cities will offer clean, green and pollution free environment for living. To achieve these proposed targets, the DDA has planned to introduce 'smart solutions'. It will help in disposal of solid waste through waste management system. This work will start from collecting garbage from your doorstep and the task will be completed with proper disposal of waste. All this will be done under a monitoring system. Delhi is going to be India's first smart city and actions will be taken accordingly to present it as a smart city model to other States & Union Territories of the country. The Smart City Project is the dream project of the Central Government and includes the entire nation.

A Smart City requires adequate water supply, 24x7 electricity supply, efficient urban mobility, public transport, solid waste management, affordable housing, IT connectivity and digitalization, good governance, including citizen participation, sustainable environment, safety and security of citizens, particularly women, children and the elderly, and health and education. For more info visit Globalncr

Five Must-To Avoid Tips When Looking To Sell Your Florida Home Fast

How to sale my home in Florida? Is this the question you are looking answer for? If yes, then this article may help you sell your Florida home without much trouble.

Well, selling your house - particularly if you have never faced such kind of situation before - can be astoundingly time consuming and sentimentally challenging. With no experience whatsoever and emotional attachment to the property, it is easy for the first time home sellers in Florida to make various errors, but with a little know-how several of these mistakes can be overlooked altogether. Let's check out how to get the best possible value for your Florida property without losing your brain:

Getting Involved Sentimentally:
Once you come to a decision to put your home for sale, it is essential to start considering yourself as a business person rather than a property owner. By handling the whole process from a simply financial standpoint, you will keep yourself away from the sentimental facets of selling the house that you have undeniably created a lot of memories in. You will definitely get top dollars for your property if you keep your emotions away.
Setting an Impractical Price:
It doesn't matter whether you've hired an agent or doing it on your own, setting a realistic price is the secret. Do you remember the similar market evaluation you performed when you purchased a property to outline a reasonable offering price? Purchasers will do this for your house as well, so as a property seller, you must be one step ahead.
Always keep in mind that overpriced properties don't sell fast. Don't concern too much regarding setting a value that is on the lower side because this'll produce several offers and bid the cost up to the property's exact market worth. In fact, under pricing your property can actually be a plan to generate additional attention to your listing.

Selling Your Home In Winter:
Winter, particularly around the vacations, is normally a sluggish period of the year to sell your home. In winter, people are generally busy with social celebrations and the cold climate makes it more attractive to just remain at home. Since fewer purchasers are likely to searching, you mayn't find a candidate soon. However, one can take some relief in understanding that while there mayn't be as many active purchasers, there also will not be as many opposing sellers.

Not Preparing Your Property for Sale:
If you don't clean or maintain your home, then you are certainly reducing your property's value. Failing to do some basic maintenance work will not just decrease your sale price, but also prevent you from finding a sale at all. For instance, if you have not attended to negligible problems like a kaput doorknob, a prospective purchaser may doubt if the home has bigger, expensive issues that have not been addressed. Decluttering, cleaning properly, and applying a fresh layer of paint on the walls will certainly aid you make a great first impression on the potential buyers.

Signing a Purchase Agreement with an Unqualified Purchaser:
It is more than sensible to anticipate a purchaser to get a pre-approval letter from a credit lender demonstrating that he has the fund to purchase the property. Signing an agreement with a purchaser whose acquisition of your house is dependent on the sale of his own home may put you behind if you want to close the deal by an exact date. Read more on Globalncr

Hunting Down Affordable Properties For a Better Life?

You would surely agree if I said, "Affordability is one of the main quotients when it comes to buying a property". Not just because the property prices are rising each day or the nature of the real estate industry, but, because of the life one lives in a country like India.

It would not be incorrect to consider this statement for all sections of the society as each one of us are inclined towards making a property purchase that not only suits our social stature but also fits into our budgets precisely.
Also know about Smart City Pune  and Golden Horses
Speaking of the Wine Capital of India, Nashik, having seen the regular lifestyles everyone has in the city, it is quite obvious to watch people opt for better lifestyles and modern features to add much more comfort in their lives. With the enhanced infrastructure and ocean of opportunities in the city for growth of the professional lives of the people, the city is now one of the preferred destinations to buy property and settle down.

Thanks to its pleasant climate that makes it suitable for the people to live here to explore the mesmerizing views and famed wines and vineyards. They would surely not miss the opportunity to see their dream home turn into a reality in the city.

Wait!!!!!!! Did you just read 'An opportunity to see their dream home turn into a reality'?

Yes! We all dream to have a better living space and in a city like Nashik, that was once a calm and a quiet city, it is no less than a dream come true as now, the city not only has a developing modern infrastructure but, also, plenty of options in luxury flats in Nashik to blow the minds of the people with their affordable prices.

Imagine living in your dream home in Nashik with all the basic modern lifestyle features that you chose from the numerous options of flats for sale in Nashik. Also, without compromising on the quality of life you had always imagined to have. Doesn't that look like an icing on the cake?

Well! Absolutely, considering the property trends in nearby cities like Pune and Mumbai, Nashik is the city that is coming to the rescue of people who aspire to have a lavish home with modern lifestyles in affordable price range. And, not to forget the fame from wine and vineyards! Each day is like a party at home and a peaceful time at workplace with the beauty one can just not avoid!

So, if at all you need hunt down a property that you can refer to as a home, don't' settle down with something that does not satisfy you! Explore luxurious flats in Nashik for the life you want to live!

Top 4 Real Estate Destinations in Delhi

Top 4 Real Estate Destinations in Delhi
Delhi-NCR has always been a favourite among people who want to invest in real estate properties and the numbers of projects have been increasing to a great level day by day. Moreover, the changes made in FDI norms on real estate have given a sigh of relief to the investors and builders. Noida and Gurgaon are the prime attractions for people who want to buy properties in Delhi-NCR.
So, if you are planning to buy a property and join the club of home buyers and investors, here are some of the most popular destinations in the National Capital Region.

Greater Noida
In terms of urban infrastructure in Delhi-NCR, Greater Noida is one of the top ranked real estate destinations in North India. Located at a distance of only 30 kms from New Delhi, Greater Noida is the perfect option for those who are planning to buy property in a well-planned township. You can even opt for a property in Greater Noida West, which was previously known as Greater Noida Extension. This upcoming metro has a wide range of housing properties ranging from apartments to independent floors and villas. Some of the investors who have invested early in this area have seen a great price appreciation and boom in the economy.

New Gurgaon
New Gurgaon is located in Haryana, which is expected to a see a high price appreciation in a few years. Real estate developers in Delhi-NCR have turned their focus on New Gurgaon due to this excellent connectivity. The Dwarka-Gurgaon Expressway, Kundli-Palwal Expressway, and NH 8 are some of the best constructed highways that connect this upcoming city to the capital region. With a large number of housing projects on the way, New Gurgaon will turn into a dream destination.

Dwarka Expressway
The alternate route connecting Gurgaon and Delhi, the Dwarka Expressway has seen phenomenal returns of around 200% in the last few years. You will find properties for segments like high-end and mid-end. It offers an array of properties from which you can choose according to your budget and need.

Noida-Greater Noida Expressway
Noida-Greater Noida Expressway being a developing region, offers luxurious properties at affordable prices. As the government is paying heed for better connectivity, this area is turning out to be a hub for the investors and buyers of housing property. The reasonable rate in property in Greater Noida is one of the main reasons for its large influx of people.

Rise in Property Prices & Growth
Greater economic activity, migration, and rise of personal factors are some of the reasons for high price rise in the real estate scenario. Most projects in these areas cater to people of mid-end segments, which results in attracting more people to these places. These destinations have seen a tremendous growth in the last few years making it a prominent choice in the region among property buyers and investors.

Over the next few years, you will get a handsome price returns if you are buying properties as investments. Whatever be the reason of your buying property in Delhi-NCR, this could turn out to be one of the most profitable things you will do in your life.

What Makes Urapakkam an Investment Hotspot in Chennai?

The city of Chennai encounters a transformation in the real estate sector that showed stunted growth and insignificant change in the capital values. When the whole country's real estate scenario is murky, this city shows a ray of hope due to the development and construction of the Metro Railways, the first phase of which is up and running. According to the Insite Property Report, the city has extensive inventory stock that has discouraged the spirits of the investors. However, due to the thriving areas in Chennai like Urapakkam, the city still eyes ongoing construction work.

Urapakkam is a fastest growing region in the suburban region of south-west Chennai. Beaming with life, the area is situated on NH45 enjoying great connectivity. The area is in the Kanchipuram District that is graced by the presence of vital roads in and around. The Urapakkam Railway Station runs through the area making commutation for residents easy. It is in the vicinity of the emerging areas like the Vandalur-Kelambakkam Road, Outer Ring Road, and SP Koil-Oragadam-Sriperumbudur Road. This place is also proffered with a bus stop and is close to the airport to facilitate travelling. The area also has all the civic amenities in place. Though growth is not uniform throughout the area yet it has a fully operational Electricity Board and Panchayat Office. The Gold Souk Grande Mall is under construction that will look after the daily shopping needs of the employees. The area has premier educational institutes and medical facilities satisfying the needs of the people residing here.

The presence of all the necessities has led to the construction of new projects in and around this area. Some of them are as follows:

1). Urban Tree Superb: This ongoing residential development by the Urban Tree offers 1BHK, 2BHK and 3BHK apartment constructed over a huge 3acres of land. The project is constructed in pollution free environment amidst plush green landscape. The spacious rooms with exceptional specifications portray refined and skilled construction work. The site is also in the process of earning an IGBC gold rating which is a green building certification. Constructed in a self-contained locality, the project offers a range of modern amenities that include a multipurpose hall, play area for kids, open space, video security, swimming pool, intercom, gym, firefighting equipment, power backup, parks and gardens, rainwater harvesting, lift, car parking, sewage treatment plant, Wi-Fi connectivity, piped gas, and staff properties. This Vastu compliant construction is available at a price range of Rs. 26.97 Lakh to 48.3 Lakhs for a floor plan of 548sq.ft. to 1303sq.ft.
2). South India Shelters Marakesh: This elegant construction work by the reputed South India Shelters property builders is ready for possession. Constructed over 4.62acres of land, the plan offers 2BHK and 3BHK apartments that is located close to all the social amenities. The project is loaded with all the new age amenities like paved compound, play area for kids, intercom, swimming pool, gym ,power backup, sewage treatment plant, Wi-Fi connectivity, and car parking to name a few. The 632 - 1050 sq.ft. apartments are available at a price of Rs. 26.54 Lakhs.

Therefore, this region offers a range of properties that makes it a favorable destination for rented accommodation and also satisfies the needs of the buyers.

Residential Flats in Rajarhat Setting the New Realty Standards in the City

The modern age is witnessing a tremendous growth of the metro cities in the extensive expanse of real estate Kolkata. It won't be wrong to say that the real estate industry in Kolkata have envisaged an enormous growth since last few decades. By proffering ample luxury options to the residents, blooming residential projects in the City of Joy have succeeded to entice a massive crowd from here, there, and everywhere. The skyscraper apartments, offering outstanding architectural brilliance and stupendous living amenities, have gone to a great length for complementing the high-end cosmopolitan ethos of the citizens. The inflow of revolutionary real estate trends have led to an appreciation of the entire quality of residential projects in Kolkata. Among a number of imminent housing projects in the city, the real estate hub in Rajarhat is worth applause.
A deep insight into the residential property:
 There is no doubt that Kolkata is growing at regular intervals. Several parts of India have finally woken up from their economic slumber, and Kolkata is supervising the revival. Among many booming projects, the real estate hubs emerged in the bosom of Rajarhat need special regard. Initiated its endeavor a few years back, the Residential Flats in Rajarhat have succeeded in enticing the residents from every nook and corner of the city. The astonishing popularity of the housing projects can be attributed to a gamut of causes that are precised right below-
Having initiated its endeavor a couple of years back, the thriving realty industry of Kolkata have experienced a huge popularity these days. Emerged with the prime objective of buying, leasing, growing, and hiring both the commercial as well as residential complexes, the realty hubs in Kolkata have been successful in hitting headlines regularly. It won't be exaggerating to state that the luxury housing complexes in Rajarhat have played a highly crucial role in leading Kolkata down the path of victory and success.

The excellence and resolute reputation of the apartments in Rajarhat can be attributed to the quality, efficiency, trust, transparency, a bunch of meticulous construction strategies backed by impeccable design, architectural brilliance, quality, prompt work culture that puts stress on utmost professionalism and pondered diligence. Most importantly, it is their passion to excel, which has always helped these blooming realty projects reach the topmost crest of affluence and prosperity.

Having unfolded its territory in a strategic location at Rajarhat, the skyscraper flats in Rajarhat for Sale have successfully drawn the crowd from everywhere. The residential projects' proximity to the IT sectors, renowned shopping complexes, reputed educational institutions, and prime healthcare centers etc. have helped them facilitate their residents to a great extent. Providing many impeccable living amenities including specious apartments, encompassing lush greenery, and tons of arrangements for recreational activities etc. the completed housing complexes in Rajarhat have successfully complemented the high-end cosmopolitan ethos of the metro citizens.

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Rise of Residential Real Estate in Tollygunge, South Kolkata

Surrounded strategically by Bansdorni in South, behala in West, kalighat and Lake Gardens in North and Jadhavpur in the Eastern side, Tollygunge is has a strategic location in Kolkata South. The locality offers great connectivity to other parts of the city through Mahanayak Uttam Kumar Metro station which is placed at a distance of 650 meters from the area. This is one of the reasons that this locality is gaining importance as people have a preference to stay near the Metro Stations.

Further, talking about the buying values, Tollygunge offers pocket friendly prices to the buyers. The average capital value in the area ranges from Rs 3,870 to 5,190 per square feet implying that a 2BHK apartment is available in the price bracket of 20-25 lacs and a 3BHK apartment would vary in between Rs. 50 lac and 1.5 crore. The locality offers both villas and apartments to the buyers.
Here are some of the new developments in the area:
Ideal Greens
Developed by the Ideal group, Ideal greens is a residential development spread over 11.65 acres of land. A project with thoughtfully designed and spacious apartments offers 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK apartments equipped with all the modern day amenities. There are a total of 852 apartments spread over 10 towers having 19 floors (G+18) each. The apartments have variant sizes ranging from 1220 square feet to 2160 square feet and have a price bracket of 54 lacs to 95 lacs. The residential project has amenities like club house, play area, swimming pool, gym, open space, gardens, ample space for parking and more. It is developed by a renowned builder that has a name in the Kolkata real estate industry.
Shankhmani Apartments
One of the residential developments by Mani group, Sakhmani apartments are located in Tollygunge, Kolkata South. The project is spread over 1.4 acres of land with 60% open space. The project offers 2BHK and 3BHK apartments that are loaded with all the amenities to meet the needs of the buyers. The project has a total of 111 apartments spread over 3 blocks having 13 floors each (B+G+12). The apartments vary in sizes and the size ranges from 1242 square feet to 2058 square feet. The price on Globalncr for the apartments in Shankmani Apartments is in between 58 lacs to 92 lacs. The project is loaded with amenities like a club house, swimming pool, gymnasium, play area, food court, cafeteria, paved compound and facilities for different sports.

Other than Tollygunge, Kolkata south has other localities like this that are developing in the residential real estate sector. These areas have great connectivity and developing infrastructures that further enhance the real estate sector.

Why Should One Invest in Mumbai's Peripheries?

Being one of the most expensive property markets in India, Mumbai provides only a few realty opportunities to small investors. However, several suburban localities in the city have been emerging as the realty hotspots for the home buyers and investors. As buying a property in these peripheries of Mumbai will result in good capital appreciation and high rental yields in the future, many property investors and second time home buyers are. Particularly, Mumbai's eastern suburbs have been the most preferred property investment choice.

Also, the peripheries of Navi Mumbai are also witnessing a huge real estate demand in recent times. Some of the localities are grasping the attention of many potential home buyers in this region. Alongside, the state government has announced several infrastructure projects here. According to real estate experts, the localities like Dronagiri, Ulwe, Karanjade and Kamothe. With the upcoming infrastructure developments, buying a property in these localities will make the investors benefited in the long run. Thus, the home buyers are preferring these areas for property investment.

Further, the upcoming MTHL (Mumbai Trans Harbour Link) and the International Airport at Navi Mumbai will certainly improve the connectivity in these localities. The price of the apartments in Navi Mumbai, especially in these localities, ranges between INR 4,400 and INR 6,010 per sqft.

Apart from it, the steady property price appreciation is another factor that drives the realty market here. According to the sources, the capital values of apartments in Ulwe and Karanjade have increased by 6% and 10% respectively. Moreover, the heap of residential plots available in these localities has enticed many investors to purchase large land parcel which in turn increased the property prices in these regions. For instance, plots in Dronagiri were priced at INR 26,400 per sqft on average; in 2015 the prices rose up by 18% and cost an average of INR 31,135 per sqft.
So if you are looking to buy a property in Mumbai for investment purpose then preferring these peripheries of Mumbai could be the ultimate choice. Apart from providing a high return on investment, buying a home in these localities will generate high rental yields in the future.

Invest or buy a plot in Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India is an attractive place and many have dreamt of owning a property here. The realty segment of the market is one of the costliest in the country.

As Delhi is densely populated and as the demand of the market kept increasing, it started spreading as Delhi NCR. The prime localities are priced so high that owning a property here is a distant dream for many. The market now has many piled up unsold inventories in its pack. Buyers are keeping their buying decision on hold as the property prices are very high. Many micro markets are seeing price corrections and developers are coming with discounts to attract the buyers.

If you are looking to invest or buy a plot in Delhi, a thorough and a careful research with Globalncr have to be done on the property before making a buying decision. Investing in Delhi or its suburbs is a wise decision. The property prices of the market will see good appreciation as the market will continue to grow in the coming years.

Investing in a plot or an apartment is a huge sum of the hard earned money and so it should be invested wisely. Many home buyers and investors are being fooled by some builders saying the land will see good appreciation in five years and then the appreciation value is found to be a negligible amount. So, before making a decision, consult property advisors and reputed builders and discuss your requirement. Location always matters in real estate market. Investing in the right property in the right location matters.

Many times, buyers are fooled with fake documents. At times, agricultural lands are being sold instead of residential land. So, a clear background check on the property is a must. Documents are to be checked for originality. Many people are cheated with fake documents and so this needs to be verified.
Sometimes, real estate agents or builders may fool you by selling the land at a higher price than the actual price of the locality. So, this needs to be verified. You can do this with the help of social media or there are a number of online real estate portals where you can post your query and get a validated response. The actual rate of the property needs to be ensured and then go ahead with the buying decision.

Selecting a reputed builder or a genuine realty agent is the prime factor above all the others. Encumbrance certificate has to be demanded and verified. Encumbrance certificate is a certificate which can be obtained from a sub-registrars office and this will confirm that the property is not under any legal issue. Also, check if the land is not pledged to someone else. To check if the builder is genuine, you can also contact prior customers of the agent or the builder. WTC Chandigarh and Hazel Heights Kundli

Be it investing in a plot in Delhi or in any other city, the verification of the documents is a compulsory attribute in order to keep us from being fooled by someone else.