Invest or buy a plot in Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India is an attractive place and many have dreamt of owning a property here. The realty segment of the market is one of the costliest in the country.

As Delhi is densely populated and as the demand of the market kept increasing, it started spreading as Delhi NCR. The prime localities are priced so high that owning a property here is a distant dream for many. The market now has many piled up unsold inventories in its pack. Buyers are keeping their buying decision on hold as the property prices are very high. Many micro markets are seeing price corrections and developers are coming with discounts to attract the buyers.

If you are looking to invest or buy a plot in Delhi, a thorough and a careful research with Globalncr have to be done on the property before making a buying decision. Investing in Delhi or its suburbs is a wise decision. The property prices of the market will see good appreciation as the market will continue to grow in the coming years.

Investing in a plot or an apartment is a huge sum of the hard earned money and so it should be invested wisely. Many home buyers and investors are being fooled by some builders saying the land will see good appreciation in five years and then the appreciation value is found to be a negligible amount. So, before making a decision, consult property advisors and reputed builders and discuss your requirement. Location always matters in real estate market. Investing in the right property in the right location matters.

Many times, buyers are fooled with fake documents. At times, agricultural lands are being sold instead of residential land. So, a clear background check on the property is a must. Documents are to be checked for originality. Many people are cheated with fake documents and so this needs to be verified.
Sometimes, real estate agents or builders may fool you by selling the land at a higher price than the actual price of the locality. So, this needs to be verified. You can do this with the help of social media or there are a number of online real estate portals where you can post your query and get a validated response. The actual rate of the property needs to be ensured and then go ahead with the buying decision.

Selecting a reputed builder or a genuine realty agent is the prime factor above all the others. Encumbrance certificate has to be demanded and verified. Encumbrance certificate is a certificate which can be obtained from a sub-registrars office and this will confirm that the property is not under any legal issue. Also, check if the land is not pledged to someone else. To check if the builder is genuine, you can also contact prior customers of the agent or the builder. WTC Chandigarh and Hazel Heights Kundli

Be it investing in a plot in Delhi or in any other city, the verification of the documents is a compulsory attribute in order to keep us from being fooled by someone else.


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