Noida authority not to allow increase in the Floor Area Ratio (FAR) in under construction project.

Noida authority CEO, PK Agarwal, categorically stated that the authority would not concur in the increase in FAR for under construction projects in the city. This assurance was given to a delegation of Confederation of Noida Residents Welfare Association (CONRWA). He also assured that from now onwards NOC and CC will only be issued to builders fulfilling completion common facilities, payment of dues by the builders as per latest ruling and completing the infrastructure work of under construction towers of projects.
The above measures have been announced in the wake of complaints received from home buyers regarding squandering of their hard earned money by the builders on the pretext of the last minute unauthorised and non-schedule increase in the FAR which inflict additional cost burden in respect of the property unit and also quantum increase in the stamp duty to be paid. The President of the CONRWA Shri PS Jain, mentioned that many home buyers have already such unauthorised and unscheduled charges which did not form part of their initial sale agreement. SK Gaur, Chief Planner and Architect of thw Noida authority was also present in the meeting who observed that the difficulties faced by the home buyers have also increased with non-completion of project.

Many other issues also come up for discussion in the said meeting as regards unauthorised parking in front of schools, hospitals, commercial complex. The CEO concurred with the CONRWA suggestion that the parking may be allowed inside the school/hospital/building complexes instead of encroaching on the outside road. Similarly, it was agreed, that in the residential apartment complex visitors parking will be provided within the campus and not outside the society gate, thereby preventing encroachment on the roads. Besides, to discourage encroachment no roadside parking of autos/rickshaws within 50 mtrs of street intersection and entry/exit gates of RWA/Society complexes will be allowed. Agarwal also shared that the multi-level parking will soon be ready and management of vendors/hawkers within designated vendor zone is in the anvil. Auto cycle/rickshaw stand will bear yellow paint marking and authorised parking areas will be marked and painted. CONRWA delegation also impressed upon the Noida authority the need to remove encroachment of local sector market/commercial places and undertaking frequent fogging and spraying of anti-larvae disinfectants. For more visit

A Promise in Rate Cut brings hope to the home buyers

The Reserve Bank of India’s declaration of the rate cut is like a wonderful “pre-Diwali” gift as the industry is anticipating some benefits to be given by the banks in order to boost the sentiments of the consumers in this festive season.

The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) comprising of six members is headed by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Urjit Patel. This committee has unanimously voted to reduce the repo rate or the short-term rate at which the central bank lends to banks, by 0.25 percent, to 6.25 percent at their meeting on October 4, 2016. This rate is expected to be the lowest since November 2010. Not only that, even all other rates like reverse repo rate, bank rate, and marginal standing facility, have been reduced by similar percentage points to 5.75 percent, 6.75 percent, and 6.75 percent, respectively.

This news has raised the expectation of the customers. Therefore, in response to this decision by RBI, the banks have finally promised to swiftly pass on the 0.25 percent rate cut, as brought into effect by the Reserve Bank to the borrowers.

Dena Bank CMD, Ashwani Kumar, who is also chairman of the Indian Banks’ Association has pointed out that as MCLR has already been stabilised, the pass through of this cut is expected to be quite swift. He also added that this being festive season a cut in repo rate by 25 basis point is going to be an extremely welcome sign.
It should be noted that excluding the recent cut, the RBI has reduced repo rates by 150 basis points since January 2015. But on the other hand, banks have reduced their base rates by only 60 basis points. In fact, from April 2016, the RBI has also introduced the new marginal cost of funds-based lending rate (MCLR). Between April and September of this year, RBI had cut the repo rate by 25 bps but the reduction in one year MCLR is only 15 basis points.

It has been admitted by the banking heads that the transmission through bank lending, has been less than anyone would have expected. But fortunately, it is expected that the MCLR itself will now throw up more transmission, keeping in view the reduced the small savings rates by the government. And this change is supposed to be reflected in over the next quarter or two.

As benign inflation trajectory is going forward, it would be very helpful if the RBI’s policy stance remains accommodative in the near future. This will allow the banks to carry on with transmitting rates, based on evolving liquidity scenario.  For more visit


Are you waiting for the warmest of the season of the year. If yes, then be ready to be sweaty all the time. The hot temperature accompanied with roasting sun, hot air loo, and of course the never ending humid weather will be there to welcome you. The only way to beat the heat is to stay at home and switch on the AC. But this is hardly possible.
To beat this heat, one can follow these simple steps to keep the house cool and also to keep the electricity bill steady.
To begin with , one should try to keep the door and windows shut
The heat usually enters through the doors and windows, if not closed properly. A survey has revealed that 30% of heat inside the house is caused if shades or blinds are not shut down. If we do so, there will be a direct effect on electricity bill which will be reduced by 7%. Generally it is observed that the windows which are located in the south and west direction often makes the room hotter and warmer.
 Use friendly bed covers
To stay cool during summers, one should opt for light colour pure cotton bed covers. Bed covers with textile like flannel or fleece leads to absorption of more heat.

Rotate ceiling fan counter-clockwise.
Another great way to keep the room cool is just rotate ceiling fan in counter-clockwise. By doing so, the airflow in the room will generate cool breeze.
Enough use of Exhaust fans
Use of exhaust fans in kitchen and bathroom makes the room more comfortable by extracting the hot air from inside.
Cool breeze at night
Often it happens; the temperature cools down at night in the summer seoson.  So it is better that one should let the windows and doors open before going to bed.
But not to keep them open in the day time. So make sure you close them at right time.
Turn off the lights
Every time when you step out of room do not forget to switch off your lights. One should also be aware that even CFLs emit heat. One should try to make maximum use of natural light in the room.
When you adopt these simple steps you will definitely lead a healthy and better life. For more visit

Points to ponder regarding Rental Agreements

Any agreement is a valuable document; it is more so in the case of a property executing rental agreements. This agreement specifies the broad terms and conditions and safeguards interests of the landlord as also the tenant. Thus, it is very necessary to go through the agreement threadbare and to be very clear about the points mentioned in the agreement.
Enumerated below are few important things which a tenant in particular should keep in mind before signing the document.
1. Types of agreement
Generally there are two types of agreement that can be considered (a) Rental Lease Agreement and (b) Leave and License Agreement. The former transfers ownership of the property – temporarily – to the tenant, while the latter does not. Before signing the agreement, find out which type of agreement the landlord has drawn up, as both agreements differ in the rights they give to the tenant and the landlord.
2. Verification of ownership
This is a very crucial aspect and must be probe into for satisfaction before moving into the house. It may so happen that the person who is not the real owner of the property manage to rent it out. Upon discovery by the original owner that somebody is staying in his property without his knowledge, he may seek legal remedy of trespassing against the tenant. Therefore as a tenant it is imperative before entering into the flat that you have actually executed the agreement with real owner. As a documentary evidence of this fact the tenant should peruse the self deed, share certificate, property tax , receipts, electricity , water bills, etc. which should bear the name of the owner. Also make sure the same name appears on the rental agreement.
3. Rent value
This must also be clearly mentioned in the rental agreement. The agreement should also contain a clause indicating precise time period before which the rent cannot be increased. This will provide safeguards to the tenants from arbitrary increase in rent from landlord side. However there is no harm if a separate rent escalation clause figures in the agreement mentioned in the time frame for increasing the rent.
4. Tenure
Generally by mutual understanding of the parties , the tenure for lease agreements are kept minimum of 12 months whereas in the case of lease and license agreement the time limit is only upto 11 months only which can be renewed thereafter.
In case of lease agreements, the tenure has to be a minimum of 12 months, whereas lease and license agreements can be drawn for a period of up to 11 months only. The lease and license agreements are usually renewed at the end of the tenure.
5. Eviction Notice
As a measure of safeguard against sudden eviction by the landlord the agreement should clearly state that such eviction notice is for a reasonable period of time say 2-3 month so that the tenant is not inconvenienced and is able to find an alternative accommodation.
6. Security deposit
The tenant may be asked to deposit a certain sum of money with the landlord before signing the rental agreement. This amount must be mentioned in the agreement and the tenant should obtain a receipt from the landlord.

A good rental agreement drafted keeping in mind the above points would take care of the interests of the tenant and would give him trouble free occupancy. For more visit

Madhyamgram, The Attractive Residential Hub of North Kolkata

Situated in the northern most fringe of the Kolkata city, Madhyamgram has transformed into a well-planned and developed residential area. Based in the Northern most part of the city, it promises not only a great location but also easy access to various civic amenities.

The area, which was earlier seen as under developed is now changing at a very fast rate and has started giving areas like New Town and Rajarhat, a run for buyers and developers. The experts of Kolkata real estate industry suggests that Madhyamgram has become a sought-after choice as it is extremely affordable when compared with other localities and is also well-linked to the business centers. Also know about ATS Bouquet.
As far as the connectivity is concerned, Madhyamgram is only 15 minutes distant from the International Airport, Netaji Subhash Chandra also the crowded railway station, Madhyamgram Junction, is only around 10 minutes away.

These reasons are sufficient to increase the capital and rental values, making the city's top developers seeing the locality as top investment option. Two of such pioneer new launches are:

Enrico Solutions
The eminent real estate name in Kolkata, Enrico Solutions, has come up with their yet another new launch in the strategic location of Madhyamgram in North of Kolkata, they are marketing it as Enrico Gold Edge Village. Here they are offering 1 to 2 BHK apartment style units of 467 to 915 sq. ft. area in the affordable price range of Rs. 11.13 Lac to 21.96 Lac. Along with all of these they are also offering a number of world class amenities such as meditation center, paved compound, multipurpose hall, lift, and reserved car parking, among many others. All of these together are known to be the factors that support the fast sale of units here.

Jain Group
Another renowned builder group of Kolkata has also announced the launch of their new launch in the strategic location of Madhyamgram. Being marketed as Jain Dream Pratham, they are offering 2 to 3 BHK apartments in a spacious living area in the price bracket of Rs. 19.39 Lac to 25.86 Lac. They are also offering a number of amenities to the property seekers who wish to become an occupant such as rainwater harvesting plant, lift, reserved car parking, 24 hours power supply, etc. All of these are known to instill a sense of luxury and comfort in the people who buy their properties here.

Madhyamgram has established itself as one of the most sought after place of Kolkata. The sorted and planned infrastructure development, connectivity making it accessible to all the other prime areas of the city. Considering the constant rise in appreciation in terms both capital and rental value along with the option of both selling and renting at a much profitable return promise is what keep the demand high for this locality.

The Luxurious Addresses of Pune City

Pune known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra is one among the favourite cities among the Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and High-Net worth Individuals (HNIs). A number of multi-millionaires who have chosen Pune over Mumbai either to live or invest. Most of the posh localities in the city are located towards the heart of the city. Here is a look at the posh localities of Pune.

Boat Club Road:
Boat Club Road is named after the famous Royal Connaught Boat Club, which is located here. This is one of the posh localities in the city. The area is in close proximity to the airport, railways, Pune-Mumbai Highway and IT destinations. The location of the micro market is a great advantage. The area is one of the best residential localities and all amenities are available in easy reach for the residents. Multi-storey apartments in the locality are priced anywhere between INR 12000 per Sq. ft. and INR 19500 per Sq. ft. If you are looking for a luxurious apartment in Pune in such a posh locality, then you can consider this area. This is one of the best investment destinations as the rental returns are high and 3 BHK apartments in this region can fetch a rental income of about INR 50000.
Also know about Ansal Plaza Vaishali
Model Colony:
This micro market is one of the prime residential localities. The area's proximity to the railway station and the best connectivity to all the major parts of the city is an added advantage. An apartment in this locality is priced anywhere between INR 12,000 per Sq. ft. and INR 18,000 per Sq. ft. If you are planning to buy a luxury apartment in Pune in one of the rich localities, then this region is a good choice. The average pricing of the multi-storey apartment in this locality is around INR 15000 per Sq. ft.

Senapati Bapat Road:
Senapati Bapat Road is one of the affluent localities in the city. The micro market has a limited supply, but enjoys a good infrastructure and offers a quality lifestyle. This makes the region an attractive destination among the high-income segment. Projects in this micro market are priced anywhere between INR 10,000 per Sq. ft. and 16,500 per Sq. ft. If you are looking for luxurious and spacious villas in Pune, then you can consider this area as it has such projects. Most of the projects in the locality are in the ticket sizes of 3 -5 BHK.

This micro market has a blend of both commercial and residential properties. The area has seen redevelopment in the recent years and this has made a positive impact on the capital appreciation of the property prices. Most of the projects in the locality are targeting the high-income and upper mid-income segment. So, the projects are luxurious and priced high. Apartments in this micro market are priced anywhere between INR 9500 per Sq. ft. and INR 14500 per Sq. ft.

Sopan Baug:

This is one of the posh locality with good infrastructure and better connectivity. The area lies in proximity to the railway station, airport, commercial establishments and the Central Business District. The property prices in the micro market have seen good appreciation over the past 5 years. Apartments are priced anywhere between INR 8000 per Sq. ft. and INR 12500 per Sq. ft. If you are looking for villas in Pune, this region has a number of such projects.

Not-to-miss places around Vaishali

When a person wants to invest in the property or when he is planning to buy a house he always looks for ample things. Connectivity and infrastructure are the two major pillars on which his choice depends on, needless to say these two important things somehow boost the price of the property. Usually people invest in real estate if it is closer to the mall as the malls possess a wonderful quality of meeting everyone’s requirements. The value of property surrounding different malls tends to raise high because of this fact. Here are few famous malls that have shown an upraise in the price of its surrounding areas-
Ansal Plaza- Ansal Plaza Vaishali is a one stop mall for everyone. Be it your shopping, entertainment or leisure activity. You will have everything here. Popular brands are there to provide you with branded and latest clothing’s. Scattered in the large area, it has a collection of multiple cuisines. You will love to eat out there. Kids games zone will keep them occupied while you perform your hassle free shopping. You will find a grocery shop to take care of your house essentials. Once you visit the mall you will get everything whatever you want to buy for your family, home and kitchen.
Akshardham Temple-It is one of the Asia’s biggest temples that have emerged as the major crowd puller. People from far and near places visit the temple to admire its magnificent architecture and astounding interiors. The idol of deity has mesmerized and unforgettable view that will capture your mind for years to come. With food counters at every nearby corner you will not get hungry at all. Musical lights are the USB of the temple and attracts maximum visitors.
MGF Metropolitan Mall, Saket- It is another mall thatwill make you lose your heart to its superb interiors and mesmerizing exterior. Not only your branded shopping is rightly met here, but also funfilled activities await here for you and your kids. The arrays of malls that are situated at the place are in its picturesque which nobody wants to miss out.
Qutub Minar- If you are fond of monuments then this is exactly the place for you. With iron pillar in its vicinity you will find many amazing stories which are quite popular bout the landmark. It has always grabbed attention because of its floors and lush green surroundings. It’s a good place for selfies and snap shots. With garden of 5 senses nearby you will have the best of both worlds. You can see amazing scenes and rare flowers in the garden.

Pacific mall- if you wish to buy electronics then this is the mall for you. All the latest electronics are available at this mall and you can buy them from here. It’s not only the electronics that you can buy, whereas its other necessary item also that you can purchase from here.

What Makes Noida, The Ideal Real Estate Market?

Noida and Greater Noida are considered to be the best destinations in the National Capital Region (NCR) for investment purpose. Noida real estate, one of the prime markets in Delhi NCR is seeing infrastructure development. Noida Authority is working on several projects to improve the connectivity to the major areas such as Delhi and Faridabad.

To enhance the infrastructure facilities in the micro markets located along the Noida-Greater Noida expressway, 45-meter road is coming up to connect the Kalindi Kunj to Greater Noida. The travel time between these localities will be reduced to 10 minutes. Sector 150 is being developed as an ideal realty destination in a 600-acre land. This sector will have 80% of green cover and 42 acres of park.
Many reputed builders are coming up with major green infrastructure and sports facilities here. If you are looking for a villa in Noida, then you can consider this micro market as this has luxurious villa projects. This micro market is being planned to be developed as a sports city and this region will have an international cricket stadium. With the development of the new road in this locality, people will be able to reach Greater Noida from Kalindi Kunj in just 10 minutes time. Another important sector to be viewed is Sector 94 which is to be developed into a business and entertainment hub. This sector will be developed with residential high rises, entertainment zones and commercial spaces.

 The main plan is to bring main business to Noida by developing office spaces with open spaces, high and low rise buildings. This micro market is located along the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. This region has already seen a reservation of 9 acres of land for development of commercial space and the rest of the area will have a habitat centre and this will be on the lines with the India Habitat Centre located in Delhi and other residential properties.

If you are looking for plots in Greater Noida or Noida, you can look for the properties located in this stretch as investing in this region is expected to give good returns. The district centre is to be developed with shopping malls, office spaces, retail spaces and multi-cuisine restaurants. This project will be developed with a Floor Area Ratio (FAR) of 2 and 60% ground coverage. Noida is emerging as a hot realty destination and is becoming a favourite market among the home buyers and investors.
We recommended checking out the Ansal Plaza Vaishali
The city is standing smart with good physical and social infrastructure facilities. The presence of the metro rail, roadways and the better connectivity to the major areas makes the area a good investment destination. The residential market is very attractive and the growth is enormous over the last seven years. Villas in Noida are developed with luxurious amenities and is very attractive. The area has projects in various budget types ranging from affordable to ultra-luxurious type. One of the important contributors to the growth of realty segment is the development of infrastructure.

If you are an investor or a home buyer looking for plots in Greater Noida, then, there are many options available. With all these facilities, the realty market in Noida stands as one of the ideal markets.

How Buyer's and Seller's Markets Impact Homes for Sale

Nothing is as fickle as real estate. Housing prices may rise or fall for any number of reasons. Although they can make investing in your own property a bit of a risk, with a little bit of knowledge the informed shopper can easily make the best decision possible when looking at homes for sale.

Buyer's Market
Simply put, a buyer's market is a result of the economic principle of supply and demand. In this case, there are more properties in supply (i.e. for sale) than there is a demand for them, meaning that those looking to invest in real estate have a lot of options to choose from. Supply and demand fluctuate depending on how many new customers enter an area and how many homeowners in the region have decided to stay in their properties.

In these circumstances, there are plentiful homes for sale, which favors those interested in investing in residential property. The geographic region and price ranges are favorable and the cost to purchase is relatively low. If housing in an area tends to take more than six months to sell, then it is considered a buyer's market. You can easily find how many days a property has been listed on various real estate sites.

Seller's Market
In a seller's market, it is harder to find homes for sale. The supply is low in comparison to the demand to purchase property. Prices are typically a little higher and houses don't tend to stay listed for as long a period of time.
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When this occurs, there are a limited number of options. Buyers will have less opportunity to negotiate-because sellers can entertain other offers-and as a result, will pay more than they would in a buyer's market. Sellers can increase their prices and, as long as the homes appraise for the asking price, receive more than they otherwise could.

What Stimulates the Change
As with everything, housing properties will fluctuate between shortage and surplus. While there is no clear determination on how long the current stage will last, there are several factors that can impact the supply and demand of homes for sale in your area. Things like interest rates, consumer confidence, and economic conditions have a high impact. A growing regional economy coupled with low-interest rates and high confidence can lead more people to buy houses.

However, just because more people are buying doesn't mean there are also more people selling. Supply tends to lag behind demand in real estate. While you may think that low rates and good economic growth would spur a buyer's market, it is actually more favorable to sellers. That is because there are more parties competing for a limited number of houses.

When the economy slows down, or interest rates increase, demand diminishes. When that happens, homes for sale will stay listed for longer periods of time. With more real estate options available, qualified purchasers have better chances of finding good deals on housing in their areas. Buyers can often negotiate with the seller on a much lower price than what the seller had originally intended. Read more articles on

New Upcoming Project Supertech Cape Town at sector 74 Noida by Supertech Ltd

Supertech Cape Town is a new upcoming project by the well known Supertech Limited situated at Sector 74 in Noida. Supertech Cape Town, Noida has been designed by world renowned group of architects and designers. The location advantages of this township are numerous as Supertech Cape Town is placed as one of the best residential project in Noida, Sector 74. It offers great commute to different known regions of Noida. Sector 18 market and entertainment zones lie close to the compound. Occupants can access places like Ansal Plaza Vaishali, Great India Place, Centerstage Mall, Atta Market and World of Wonders from Supertech Cape Town.

 Supertech Cape Town, Sector 74, Noida is spread across 50 acres of beautifully landscaped area which is just perfect for a residential complex. Homebuyers can get access to 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK residences at Supertech Cape Town which are offered by the developers in sizes ranging from 930 square feet up to 2385 square feet. The compound fully adheres to the norms of Vaastu and Feng Shui which attracts positive vibrations into the compound ensuring great quality of life to residents.

Modern amenities are home to Supertech Cape Town which offers a plethora of lifestyle-enriching facilities. The compound considers the needs and requirements of people of all age groups and this is why Supertech Cape Town has separate zones earmarked for kids, adults and even the elderly. It has a separate kids' activity area meant for toddlers so that their parents have nothing to worry about. Children activity area looks into the playing needs of children. There are jogging tracks and cycling path that can be used by just anyone. Yoga and meditation deck has been integrated to the Supertech Cape Town. Other facilities at Supertech Cape Town include swimming pool, gymnasium, health club, medical center and sports facilities.

The basic amenities which are perquisite to any residential complex are rendered at Supertech Cape Town. 3-tier security system is enabled with CCTV surveillance done round the clock. There is a reticulated gas supply connection given to every kitchen unit. The compound offers full power back up facility along with uninterrupted water supply. Ample parking space is also available at Supertech Cape Town. The residential complex has 82% open area which ensures maximum light and air entering the compound. Supertech Cape Town lie close 100 acres of Noida Authority Park. Overall, the township has an ideal location and offers great spaces at affordable rates.