Are you waiting for the warmest of the season of the year. If yes, then be ready to be sweaty all the time. The hot temperature accompanied with roasting sun, hot air loo, and of course the never ending humid weather will be there to welcome you. The only way to beat the heat is to stay at home and switch on the AC. But this is hardly possible.
To beat this heat, one can follow these simple steps to keep the house cool and also to keep the electricity bill steady.
To begin with , one should try to keep the door and windows shut
The heat usually enters through the doors and windows, if not closed properly. A survey has revealed that 30% of heat inside the house is caused if shades or blinds are not shut down. If we do so, there will be a direct effect on electricity bill which will be reduced by 7%. Generally it is observed that the windows which are located in the south and west direction often makes the room hotter and warmer.
 Use friendly bed covers
To stay cool during summers, one should opt for light colour pure cotton bed covers. Bed covers with textile like flannel or fleece leads to absorption of more heat.

Rotate ceiling fan counter-clockwise.
Another great way to keep the room cool is just rotate ceiling fan in counter-clockwise. By doing so, the airflow in the room will generate cool breeze.
Enough use of Exhaust fans
Use of exhaust fans in kitchen and bathroom makes the room more comfortable by extracting the hot air from inside.
Cool breeze at night
Often it happens; the temperature cools down at night in the summer seoson.  So it is better that one should let the windows and doors open before going to bed.
But not to keep them open in the day time. So make sure you close them at right time.
Turn off the lights
Every time when you step out of room do not forget to switch off your lights. One should also be aware that even CFLs emit heat. One should try to make maximum use of natural light in the room.
When you adopt these simple steps you will definitely lead a healthy and better life. For more visit irxlive.com


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